Let Loose–A Pictorial

Sometimes you just gotta go out in nature and have some fun!!  This is gonna be a pictorial blog of some recent fun times and beautiful things in the San Francisco Bay Area   🙂

These are about the size of a roma tomato 🙂

There’s nothing like Rikki on the beach to demonstrate freedom and joie de vivre.

On the path to Kehoe Beach at Point Reyes in Marin County.

Yellow Lupine (in background) on the way to Kehoe.


Rikki just LOVES them stikkis!

She wants me to throw the stick, but she doesn’t want to let go!  So you see my trick (notice the 15-foot marks behind her):  I drag her toward the water, until she finally lets go because she doesn’t want to go in the water on my terms  😀

Somtimes you just HAVE to get wet…even if the water is FREEEEEZING!!

Baby tule elk with momma(s)–they made the most ADORABLE squeaking sounds!!

Gorgeous swimming spot on the lower Eel River.

You just gotta get nekkid in the water whenever possible! I call this, “Accidentally-Strategically Placed Arm.”

You can build the fence, but you can’t stop the flowers from growing. Life finds a way.

This is the “Woodpecker Tree.”

Wild turkeys near where I live.

23 thoughts on “Let Loose–A Pictorial

      1. TheRewildWest Post author

        Everything natural is beautiful to me, yes, absolutely!! I was taking picturs of an acorn yesterday and just marvelled at how lovely it was when I got so close and focused on it =)

      2. The Wanderlust Gene

        I know what you mean. I’ve been blown away by the beauty of some of the most reviled of insects, and things, photographed by bloggers with their macro lenses. A revelation.

    1. TheRewildWest Post author

      And thank you for checking out my pics….I will be posting later this week a pictorial highlight of some specific bioregion of California, I’m not sure yet where…perhaps Anza-Borrego Desert…

  1. malejones

    Beautiful photos! I love the one of Rikki running! so sweet and yes free 🙂 Also love the caption “VEGAN POWER!”–reminds me of Victor!!! 😀

    1. TheRewildWest Post author

      Nice, I’m proud of you for getting that semi-reference, no joke– I thought of you when I wrote it. And then, remember he says something like, “You call it progress. I call it…(dramatic Goldblumian pause)…the rape of the natural world.”

    1. TheRewildWest Post author

      Thanks so much! I used to live about a mile from that tree and would pass it almost every day twice, and frequently saw 1-3 woodpeckers going to work on it =) So special. I miss it there soooo much…

  2. blackpanther01

    Wow, so beautiful. Great shots. I am more of a landscape fan myself. These are really beautiful. I see you had fun on the beach with Rikki, that’s fantastic.

    1. TheRewildWest Post author

      Thanks, BP! Believe it or not, I’m more into sweeping vistas myself. I decided that I’m going to do a pictorial blog once a week, and highlight an ecosystem and my/our place in it, e.g. Pictorial Highlight: Desert. There will be plenty of vistas to come, stay tuned =) Thanks for the comment, mi hermano ❤

  3. EvelynWeiss

    Beautiful pictures. You are very correct: “You can build the fence, but you can’t stop the flowers from growing. Life finds a way.”


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