Support Camille Marino

Yet another aboveground, legal activist being harassed and arrested and repressed by the government and animal-killing industries.

“Camille Marino is a passionate and uncompromising animal activist,  On Saturday, Feb. 4th, while attending a peaceful anti-vivisection [A euphemism for animal torture] demonstration and commemoration of two monkeys who were tortured to death at the University of Florida, Camille was arrested on charges related to her campaign against notorious vivisectionist, Donal O’Leary, an animal experimenter at Wayne State University in Michigan.
-From Camille’s Support website

O’Leary’s vicious, torturous experiments on dogs have been shown to be in frequent violation of the already-paltry Animal Welfare Act; the dogs suffer “unrelieved agony,” according to the Physicians Committtee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM).

Check out Camille’s and others’ great, uncompromising anti-vivisection site, Negotiation Is Over.

How many times do we have to see government and University collusion to maintain and expand the enormously profitable (it is a billions-of-dollars industry) vivisection-industrial complex?  See, for example, the case of the AETA 4 (and the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act itself!  According to the Center for Constitutional Rights, “The law was pushed through Congress by wealthy biomedical & agri-business industry groups…”)  It’s time to see that only a militant, relentless, holistic, above-AND-underground campaign to end animal experimentation will make strides in that direction.  If you don’t support direct action to end the senseless, wasteful torture of animals in laboratories, you don’t support the suffering animals.  It really is that simple.

Here are some pictures obtained from a University of Florida laboratory, taken by the vivisectors themselves and released through a records request.  Yes, they are graphic and disturbing.  That’s because vivisection is ubiquitously graphic and disturbing.  Please, please don’t turn away from this suffering.  If you get angry, DO SOMETHING!!

See the personhood and pain in her eyes.

Looks comfy!

I saved what is to me the most disturbing for last. First look at the resignation, the utter, spirt-crushed hopelessness in the animal’s eyes. Then look at the vivisector’s eyes. He looks proud and pleased with himself. She looks hungry, bloodthirsty.

More of these horrid, truthful pictures can be found at Camille’s Facebook page.

Support Camille.  And support the about-to-begin Open the Cages tour, coming to a west coast campus/city near you soon!  It is being sponsored by the amazing Michael Budkie’s amazing group, Stop Animal Exploitation Now!  (SAEN)

“Power never takes a step back–only in the face of more power.”  -Malcolm X

We must have the power and the courage to do whatever it takes–WHATEVER IT TAKES–to end vivisection once and for all.

32 thoughts on “Support Camille Marino

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  2. Defender of children

    Ron and others….your only responses are that “she didn’t do it” or “she really didn’t mean to do it”…..or “she really wasn’t serious”….sorry, does not work….threats to children are crimes…this is the woman you support.

  3. Vegan Ron

    The facts are that vivisecting monsters are the real terrorists and soon, the entire world will know the true extent of the horrors you so desperately want to hide from the public eye. The only violence is perpetrated by you and your monstrous co-conspirators. Look at the photos attached. These are the stubborn facts that rally our growing legion of supporters. We have not heard one word from you about the only real victims here. But what would one expect from greedy liars intent on maintaining their profligate lifestyles, purchased by the blood of innocent victims? You are utterly incapable of justifying these horrors. Your repetitive ravings only show the true bankruptcy of your position

    Hey monster, you want me to “hold your breath till you are blue in the face?” Sounds like a threat made over the internet! In your dystopic world, that constitutes a crime. As a consequence, expect to have your home raided at any time,

    No peace to the torturers and murderers of the innocent!

  4. Defender of children

    Sorry Ron, you can childishly hurl insults at me, you can cry and stamp your feet and hold your breath till you are blue in face….doesn’t change the facts that Marino reposted a sadistic diatribe describing the torture of children and then asked for videotape…..facts are very stubborn things…this is why she is being prosecuted….this is the woman you defend…

  5. Vegan Ron

    The cowardly “defender of children” is in reality “depraved and bloodthirsty.” Camille has never threatened to harm any child. Her site has numerous disclaimers, which have been conveniently ignored by the sadistic vivisectors and their legal puppets in the Wayne State Prosecutors Office. Misinterpreted excerpts, taken out of context, do not prove the baseless charges against her. No one has ever been harmed by Marino or anything posted on NIO.

    Contrast this with the millions of feeling, thinking, innocent, self-aware beings consigned to agonizing lives of abject misery, and it is clear which side perpetrates violence and uses terroristic tactics. Can one of the vivisectors reading this explain why the lives of those non-human animals they systematically devastate have no value to them? Can you really justify the horrors you perpetrate on their lives, which are as precious to them as yours is to you? Somehow, I doubt it…

    Our numbers are growing and we will continue to expose your atrocities for all to see. There is nothing you can do to stop us. If this corrupt system should unfairly convict Camille, it will only serve to further energize our movement and increase our support.

    No peace to the torturers and murderers of the innocent!

  6. Defender of children

    I say again, simply ask Marino for a copy of the court transcripts, she posted on her Facebook site that she has them. Why won’t she produce them???

    The entire Freddie and Grim diatribe was read in court along with Marino’s response including advocating that the torture of children be videotaped so she could post this on her site. To make matters much worse for her, she admitted that she posted this!

    Now she claims that threats to torture children and videotape this torture is “protected free speech”.

    This is the person you are defending???? Really???

    When she was arrested she scrubbed the NIO site of these postings…but hard copies she cannot touch…..those were included in the original court filings….go do some homework, or again, simply ask Marino for copies, see if she will give them up….somehow I doubt it…

  7. Defender of children

    Annie and others…..
    Threatening to torture children is a crime…period….inciting others to do so is a crime…period….

    Marino is being prosecuted for this… can have your own opinions, but you can’t have your own facts….

    So, the woman you defend threatened to torture children….simply read the court records for yourself…she said she has a copy….ask her for one….

    Annie….you leave threats all over the web…yet I don’t see you identifying yourself….I simply state known facts….Marino threatened to torture children…now she claims this is her “free speach rights”….this is the person you defend…

      1. Defender of children

        Ask Marino…it was all on her site until she scrubbed it due to the litigation….or do your homework, get the records. Facts are very stubborn things…..

      2. TheRewildWest Post author

        I’ve seen these claims a million times…whatever you’re referring to was taken so far out of context that it ceases to mean what you claim it does. I’m sure of it. Thanks for padding my “Views” count though! 😉

  8. Annie.

    ‘Defender of the Children’ – These pseudo-scientists are the most depraved beings on the planet. Take your little self off and read about Kimberley Lindsey, charged with molestation of a 6-year old child (pictures found) and bestiality. Come back and defend her – and those like her. Similar accusations have been made regarding another of your vivisecting scum friends. Unfortunately, those making the allegations will not allow their names to be published (abit like yourself in that respect – except I happen to believe what THEY are saying!)​149615/cdc-official-kimberly

    CDC Official, Kimberly Lindsey, Charged With Bestiality, Child Molestation

    1. TheRewildWest Post author

      Sickening. Just sickening. But not surprising–those who abuse and torture animals very often go on to abuse and torture humans. It’s kind of like a training ground. I actually feel sorry for, and fear for, the families of vivisectors.

      1. Annie.

        TheRewildWest – the only way ‘DOF’ can attempt to validate his claims about Camille Marino espousing torture of children, is to rehash a comment on NIO of “post the video here” …

        Camille has uttered words.

        Vivisectors have committed murder!

        DOF – Publish your name you moronic creep and let’s have a proper “debate”.

    2. Defender of children

      Indeed, any harm to children is sickening….just like threatening to tie them down with their eyes forced open and forced to watch videotape of someone being tortured to death…..that is what Marino posted…

      You can have your own opinions but you can’t have your own facts….ask Marino for a copy of the transcripts from court where she admitted posting this….

  9. Annie.

    Here you go – ‘Defender of the Children’ – get your addle-headed mind around this and comment:

    What has been published about vivisection does not begin to describe the horrors of laboratories and the depravity of these pseudo-scientists.

    Dr. Peter Adam, an American university professor, teaching at Case-Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, had the opportunity to go to the University of Helsinki in Finland. In the experiments that he conducted with the students there, a number of babies, aged 12 to 20 weeks, were used. These had been all delivered by hysterotomy (Caesarean Section), and so were in perfect shape in every way for this important experiment. The heads were then cut off and attached to a machine which pumped various chemicals through the brain circulation of their severed heads. (Medical World News, June 8, 1973, p.21.)

  10. Annie.

    Oh here we go again – self proclaimed ‘Defender of the Children’ regurgitating he same old drivel. Not an original thought in his/her/it’s head. Camille Marino suggested – tongue in cheek – that any video’s be posted. Why don’t you change the record you nonentity! Give your name if you are so sure of your convictions!

    Corruption of the government & police have forced Camille Marino to suffer harassment, damage of personal effects and financial loss, based on the false accusations made by Raymond J. Bergeron, sadist, vivisector and murderer of the voiceless. Hand in glove corruption of the establishment and the vivisection industry at its most blatant!!

    Bergeron should be tried and jailed for making false accusations, wasting police time. The threats are coming from him. Due solely to Marino publicising the atrocities committed at UF and other vivisection facilities.

    Not only should he be jailed, but substantial damages should be paid to Camille Marino – this will facilitate her defending herself against other false accusations, notably made by Donal O’Leary at WSU – who has also been castigated by PCRM for his wanton cruelty to animals.

    Wasting police time, obstruction of justice, harassment of someone who is simply showing vivisector Bergeron for what he is. Let’s see the law working as it should for once. Jail this bastard!

    And if his wife is complicit in backing up his false claims – jail her also!

    As for Donal O’Leary, PCRM have castigated him as being a criminal. What a pity they do not have the guts Camille Marino has shown in sticking to her guns and fighting for the rights of the voiceless!

    1. TheRewildWest Post author

      Thanks for your passionate and detailed comment, Annie =) It is mind-boggling how much money police waste on protecting abusers. One day for a round of home demos in the LA-area, we had three “undercover” (whom we tagged within 5 minutes) cars following us all day, the LA Sheriff’s HELICOPTER following us around for 6-8 hours, and when we showed up at the final demo–at a UCLA vivisector’s house–there were SEVENTY cops waiting for us–all TWELVE of we activists. Including a line of riot cops on his front lawn. Beyond absurd!

  11. Vegan Ron

    Sadistic monsters with absurd, self given titles such as “defenders of children” will propagate lies and distortions to deflect attention from themselves. Camille is the victim of a systematic campaign of falsehoods, financed by the wealthy vivisection complex, intent on maintaining their taxpayer funded gravy train. These vivisecting low lives are modern day alchemists, engaging in fraudulent “research,” which does nothing but maintain their profligate lifestyles with blood money purchased by countless broken lives. The truth will continue to be exposed and vivisectors like O’Leary, Jentsch, Bergeron, Ringach will be exposed in front of the whole world for the unbearable agony they cause.

    No peace for the torturers and murderers of the innocent!

    1. Defender of children

      Sorry Ron, but these are the facts…..she posted a sadistic diatribe which included threats to torture children and then asked that it all be videotaped so she can post the video to the NIO web site. She stipulated to all of this in court. Now she claims that this is protected “free speach”.

      So this is the woman you defend??? Someone who threatens to torture children??? Really??? You approve of this???

      Marino has the court transcripts….ask her for a copy….somehow I doubt that she will agree to do so….

  12. Defender of Children

    Marino threatened to torture children. That is why she is being prosecuted. She reposted a sadistic diatribe on her web site that included the graphic description of the torture of children and then asked for videotape if it was ever done. This is the woman you are defending????

    1. TheRewildWest Post author

      Can you please provide a link to this information, so people can decide for themselves, and so I can answer you in an informed manner? Because no, I saw nothing like that.

    2. jennifer connor

      The defender of children…Where on earth did you read this nonsense..About time you did some serious research before defaming Camille..Genuinely your the ignorance astounds me.

      1. TheRewildWest Post author

        Our words are always skewed against us by those who want to uphold the status quo of violence, brutality, mass extinction, and industrial civilization. The most important thing is for us to support each other when bullshit like this crops up–it always will. Only in solidarity will we have the strength to keep fighting until we can piss on the bastards’ graves (metaphorically, of course!)

      2. Defender of children

        All of what I describe are in court documents. Marino said she has a copy….see if she will send them to you…somehow I doubt it.

        She admitted in court that she posted this…and now claims that threats to torture children are “protect free speach”….That will be argued on Friday.

        This is the woman you defend???? Really??? You approve of this???

  13. jennifer connor

    If you don’t support direct action to end the senseless, wasteful torture of animals in laboratories, you don’t support the suffering animals. It really is that simple…..a quote from Camille Marino..

      1. jennifer connor

        Jan,my most sincere apology..I am so frustrated and annoyed at the ignorance concerning Camille and what she is trying to achieve by exposing the misery of vivisevtion victims.It is heartening to actually read an enlightened piece..Thank you.

      2. TheRewildWest Post author

        No problem at all! Thank you for checking out the piece, and for YOUR hard work. I’d love for you to check out the rest of my blog too, I have a lot of nice stuff on here =)

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