Deaths by Tree Spiking

I saw that a recent top search on my blog was “How many killed by tree spiking?”  There’s this industry-pushed-and-funded misinformation in mainstream media that tree spiking is an attempt to harm old-growth tree murderers; this is completely untrue and has no basis in reality.  Every single known environmentally-inspired tree-spiking was anonymously announced to the timber company and, where appropriate, the Forest Service–done solely in order to avoid worker injuries.  NO PERSON HAS EVER BEEN KILLED BY A TREE SPIKE.  The case of George Alexander, which I discussed in my prior entry, is the ONLY KNOWN EVEN INJURY TO OCCUR AS THE RESULT OF A TREE-SPIKING, and that particular instance was not performed by an environmentalist.  The industry of course demonizes these sorts of actions as violent, homocidal, and immoral.  And yet they of course do not mention that timber cutting (aka forest killing) is one of the most dangerous jobs in the country, with mortality rates FAR higher than the average.  People are killed by shitty equipment, falling trees, etc.  But never by a tree spike.  Remember that, if nothing else.  So the real homocidal, violent lunatics are the corporate CEOs and company managers who push for higher and higher cut rates, and who fail to replace shoddy equipment in the name of corner-cutting profit-mongering, as the case of George Alexander shows.

6 thoughts on “Deaths by Tree Spiking

  1. Rod Dearing

    Your all wrong by 1984 13 men were killed in bc by spiked logs. They were running the band saws in saw mills. My parents neighbour in Armstrong bc has been in a wheel chair since 1986 due to a spiked log he was running the tail rig in a Langley bc mill when the band saw blew up when it hit a spike .In 2015 a bc caller was killed by a spiked tree while fighting forest fires. This stupid practice continues because of jerk offs like you!

    1. TheRewildWest Post author

      I suspect you’re either making this shit up, or (more likely) you’re talking about ACCIDENTS that stem from barbed wire, cannonballs, and other random steel crap that over the centuries gets embedded within the trunks of old-growth giants. THAT is fairly common. Tree-spiking, on the other hand, is in all likelihood VERY rare. I suspect you have *zero* evidence to support your claims? If not, please do provide links/pics/etc.!

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