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FUCK Columbus Day!

I mean the title in both ways–1) Fuck This Day Wherein Christopher Columbus is Celebrated and 2) It’s a suggestion for a new holiday–A Day Where Instead of Celebrating Him, We Say FUCK COLUMBUS.

Brainwashed Americans Celebrate GENOCIDE On Columbus Day.”

Read, with source material, about some of Columbus’s violent activities.

As American Indian activist and scholar Ward Churchill says in his talks, recorded on his seminal 2-disc CD “In a Pig’s [please excuse the speciesist language] Eye:  Reflections on the Police State, Repression, and Native America” (click HERE to learn more/buy from its publisher, AK Press):

…on that day…on the 12th of October, 1492, when a lost Italian seaman, flying the flag of Spain, washed up on a beach in the Carribean, half a world away from where he thought he was, and got himself known as “The Great Navigator.”  Yeah.

You can actually listen to the amazing, inspiring, incredibly informative talk by Ward Churchill in several parts on YouTube HERE!

Ward’s passion and uncompromising militancy is an inspiration to nearly all who hear him speak and many who read his work.

Columbus was the real savage:  he tortured native peoples to try to convert them to Christianity, he enslaved them, he murdered them, and he raped native women.  So this country proudly celebrates a TORTURER, ENSLAVER, RAPIST, AND MURDERER of innocent, peaceful native peoples.  What the FUCK is wrong with this culture??

Oh yeah–this culture is sociopathological.  Look at the people we celebrate and elevate to hero and even near-deity status.  It’s not just Columbus, not by a long shot.  Take our your purse or wallet and look at your different denominations of cash (if you have any in this economy!); the 1-dollar-bill, George Washington:  slave owner, American Indian butcher–a number of tribes helped the American colonists in their fight against the British in the Revolution, and then after the dust settled Washington ordered those tribes be destroyed for supposedly aiding the British!  He owned slaves his entire life, and when the U.S. capital was in Philadelphia, he exploited a loophole to keep his slaves when normally they’d be freed after 6 months of living there.  He also signed the Fugitive Slave Act of 1793, which was one of the most horrendous laws ever put on the books for slaves; it gave southern slaveowners the right to capture and bring back south “their” slaves even if those individuals were able to escape to and settle in “free” northern states.

Now take out your 5-dollar-bill.  That’s right, even “Honest Abe” has some answering to do for his legacy.  He didn’t care about freeing slaves; his concern was with preserving the Union.  “The Great Emancipator”–my great asshole!  Granted, he did claim to be morally and politically opposed to slavery, and never owned slaves, BUT–and this is a big deal–he repeatedly said that he had *no intention or desire to free the slaves in southern states.*  Lincoln said–and this is a direct quote:  “My paramount object in this struggle is to save the Union, and is not either to save or to destroy slavery. If I could save the Union without freeing any slave I would do it, and if I could save it by freeing all the slaves I would do it; and if I could save it by freeing some and leaving others alone I would also do that. What I do about slavery, and the colored race, I do because I believe it helps to save the Union.”

In the interest of brevity, we’ll skip ahead and finish up with that elusive 20-dollar-bill.  Andrew Jackson is probably the worst of the lot.  He owned a vast (over 1,000 acres eventually) plantation that was mostly cotton, worked by slaves; estimates vary, but in all likelihood he owned several hundred at some point in his life.  He also initiated the cultural and physical genocide of American Indians by displacing them from their native lands (think Trail of Tears), stealing literally tens of millions of acres from them, forcing them ever westward to make way for white settlers.

These are the motherfuckers we CELEBRATE?  This is truly equivalent to Germany having a “Hitler Day” which is a national holiday where we’re all supposed to laud him as the “Great Conquerer” or something, with statues of him erected all over the country.  This country is INSANE.  Because it’s a part of the dominant culture, industrial civilization, which is killing the planet and wiping out vast, unfathomable numbers of nonhuman species and human indigenous cultures.  It must be stopped.

And Columbus Day is a symbol of that insanity, that sociopathology.  So join me in screaming from the rooftops, FUCK COLUMBUS DAY!!!!!

"Fuck Columbus & All Other Cannibals!" This kid gets it--why can't the rest of Amerika?

“Fuck Columbus & All Other Cannibals!” This kid gets it–why can’t the rest of Amerika?

Land of the Free? Hardly.

The jump you see beginning in the 1980s is primarily a jump in the number of NONVIOLENT DRUG "OFFENDERS" (such as myself) imprisoned.

The jump you see beginning in the 1980s is primarily a jump in the number of NONVIOLENT DRUG “OFFENDERS” (such as myself) imprisoned.


Support Camille Marino

Yet another aboveground, legal activist being harassed and arrested and repressed by the government and animal-killing industries.

“Camille Marino is a passionate and uncompromising animal activist,  On Saturday, Feb. 4th, while attending a peaceful anti-vivisection [A euphemism for animal torture] demonstration and commemoration of two monkeys who were tortured to death at the University of Florida, Camille was arrested on charges related to her campaign against notorious vivisectionist, Donal O’Leary, an animal experimenter at Wayne State University in Michigan.
-From Camille’s Support website

O’Leary’s vicious, torturous experiments on dogs have been shown to be in frequent violation of the already-paltry Animal Welfare Act; the dogs suffer “unrelieved agony,” according to the Physicians Committtee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM).

Check out Camille’s and others’ great, uncompromising anti-vivisection site, Negotiation Is Over.

How many times do we have to see government and University collusion to maintain and expand the enormously profitable (it is a billions-of-dollars industry) vivisection-industrial complex?  See, for example, the case of the AETA 4 (and the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act itself!  According to the Center for Constitutional Rights, “The law was pushed through Congress by wealthy biomedical & agri-business industry groups…”)  It’s time to see that only a militant, relentless, holistic, above-AND-underground campaign to end animal experimentation will make strides in that direction.  If you don’t support direct action to end the senseless, wasteful torture of animals in laboratories, you don’t support the suffering animals.  It really is that simple.

Here are some pictures obtained from a University of Florida laboratory, taken by the vivisectors themselves and released through a records request.  Yes, they are graphic and disturbing.  That’s because vivisection is ubiquitously graphic and disturbing.  Please, please don’t turn away from this suffering.  If you get angry, DO SOMETHING!!

See the personhood and pain in her eyes.

Looks comfy!

I saved what is to me the most disturbing for last. First look at the resignation, the utter, spirt-crushed hopelessness in the animal’s eyes. Then look at the vivisector’s eyes. He looks proud and pleased with himself. She looks hungry, bloodthirsty.

More of these horrid, truthful pictures can be found at Camille’s Facebook page.

Support Camille.  And support the about-to-begin Open the Cages tour, coming to a west coast campus/city near you soon!  It is being sponsored by the amazing Michael Budkie’s amazing group, Stop Animal Exploitation Now!  (SAEN)

“Power never takes a step back–only in the face of more power.”  -Malcolm X

We must have the power and the courage to do whatever it takes–WHATEVER IT TAKES–to end vivisection once and for all.

ReWilding the West

Terrific article by Russ McSpadden from the Earth First! Newswire. Tomorrow (July 3) is Rod Coronado’s birthday, so I’ll probably be posting my own thoughts (and an anecdote of a highlight of my life–meeting and shaking the hand of Rod just outside the courtroom at his 2007 San Diego trial.

Earth First! Newswire

Remembering a Tucson Radical

by Russ McSpadden / Earth First! News

[The text of this work is free to share and distribute under the following Creative Commons License CC-BY-ND 3.0]

Most of the heroes of the Wild West, the rootin’ tootin’ movie cowboys, sheriffs, miners, ranchers, saloon owners and cavalry generals, had a real knack for replacing all the wild land they got a hold of with profiteering schemes. These are the folks that actually killed the Wild West, bought it up, fenced it in, murdered and incarcerated many of its indigenous people, destroyed its communities with alcoholism, stripped its land, averted and drained its waters, blasted its mountains, decimated its wildlife, made extinct its wolves and jaguars and generally can be thanked for the Bone-Dry SuburbanTame West of today. I’m saying, as far as wild goes, these boys paved the way for the wild-ass time you are having…

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Fighting Back–The Stonewall Riots

This post is dedicated to, and about, the brave women and men who, 43 years ago today, said Enough is enough.  Who persevered through what must’ve been terrible fear, who stood up to their oppressors and FOUGHT BACK.  They are the reason that Gay Pride Parades are held throughout the country around this time; they helped spawn the modern gay rights’ movement.  And they are a shining example of how pacifism is not always enough–it’s just a tool, like any other in the toolbox.  Sometimes we have to fight back, turn the aggressors’ violence back on them and see how they like it, with all the fierce burning rage of the abused, the oppressed and repressed.  And sometimes we have to fight in the place of those who can’t fight for themselves.

In the early morning hours of June 28th, 1969, New York Police Officers were yet again harassing the patrons of a popular Greenwich Village gay bar, the Stonewall Inn.  Raids and harassment of gay bars were a common occurrence; after all, New York actually had laws prohibiting homosexuality in public (whatever that means!)  But that gives you an idea of the repressive, “closeted” atmosphere of the times.  But this one night was different.  People were fed up.  Patrons began throwing pennies at the six officers assigned to raid the Stonewall Inn.  Someone started a fire outside, and a parking meter was dismantled to use as a battering ram against the police.  Tensions grew.  Reinforcements were called in–police, of course, but also fellow gay men and women who were sick of the atmosphere of hatred and violence against their brothers and sisters of oppression.  Chants of “GAY POWER!” erupted.

Eventually police riot squads broke up the protesters, but the next night the crowd returned, with numbers swelling to upward of 1,000.  “Very soon it was obvious to everyone that the weak, limp-wristed, helpless, pathetic, sissy boys–and NOT the police–were in control.”  (http://www.stageandcinema.com/2011/04/23/stonewall-uprising/)  They rioted and protested outside the Stonewall Inn for hours, until they were again dispersed by battalions of anti-riot goons.  In the days following, demonstrations took place all over the city.

“In the wake of the riots, intense discussions about civil rights were held among New York’s LGBT[Q] people, which led to the formation of various advocacy groups…”  (http://www.civilrights.org/archives/2009/06/449-stonewall.html )  These events inspired LGBTQ activists around the country to organize and agitate for gay rights.

The Stonewall Riots were a watershed moment in the modern LGBTQ movement.  On the one-year anniversary of those nights of rage, the first Gay Pride march was held.

Those of us in the environmental community could learn a lot from these brave warriors.  What will it take for us to have a watershed moment like this?  I still don’t think we’ve broken through that kind of barrier.  Of course the situations are different, but I’m talking commonalities here.  Most people still don’t know (or refuse to believe, or willfully forget) that civilization is causing a mass extinction of plants and animals, on the order of 10,000 species a year.  It is the first mass extinction not caused by a calamitous natural event (e.g. volcano eruption(s), asteroid impact, etc.).  Dead zones are spreading in the ocean.  Billions of animals are being tortured and maimed and massacred in industrial slaughterhouses and vivisection laboratories.  90 percent of the large fish in the ocean are gone.  Coral reefs, the biodiversity-rainforests of the ocean, are dying.  Rainforests are being razed.  How much more will it take before we begin to create our own watershed moments?  It doesn’t have to be a riot.  It just has to BE.  Has to happen.  And we can have a thousand watershed moments in a thousand different places.

It’s time to begin preparing for a Deep Green Resistance, for Decisive Ecological Warfare.  Time is running out.  Will you join me in calling for, and helping to create and enact, what must be done in order for life on Earth to continue and thrive?  Everyone can play a role.  What is yours?

Thanks to Stage and Cinema and CivilRights.org for their great information.

Someone’s Trying To “Drive” Me Back To Prison!!

Oh dear Earth, the irony and absurdity of this is just too great for me to not share.

I was going through my old emails; I just got out of prison a couple months ago, where I spent the last two years.  Wanted to make sure I didn’t miss any important correspondences.  I came across this gem–which arrived in my inbox, unbeknownst to me of course, about seven months into my incarceration–from the El Monte RV company:

December 9, 2010

Dear Valued Customer,

It’s been a while since your last rental? Are you planning to rent this fall?  If so, I would enjoy the opportunity to hear from you and discuss your travel needs with you.

We work very hard to provide our clients with the finest customer service and pricing for their travel needs. If your budget or travel needs have changed, please contact me so I can give you a quote and see if there is anything we can do to provide you with any discounts or specials.

See, I committed my crime with the help of an El Monte RV rental.  The marijuana was stored in vacuum-sealed bags in cardboard boxes in the bathroom.  After I was arrested the vehicle was impounded.  I had to pay TWO DOLLARS a mile for a company employee to drive the vehicle from western Illinois out to its intended destination–eastern New Jersey.  That came to approximately 900 miles, or $1800.  Valued Customer, indeed.

They also neglected to return–even though I pre-paid an exorbitant amount for shipping–some of my items left in the RV after my arrest, including a bitchin green jacket I’d just bought, some CDs, and George Carlin’s brilliant posthumous autobiography, Last Words.

I really feel like the El Monte RV company is trying to subtlety suck me back into the criminal lifestyle, and I don’t appreciate it.  In fact, I’d like to lodge a formal complain against them; what kind of company encourages their customers to perform highly illegal and dangerous acts with their products?  Not one I would want to patronize, that’s for sure!!

Now I’ll include their email again, but this time with my comments inserted.

December 9, 2010

[At this point I had been incarcerated for approximately 201 days–their computer system must not be very detailed]

Dear Valued Customer,

[Really?  Oh wait–I made them a shit-ton of money by fucking up and having to pay them $2/mile.  I’m TOTALLY a valued customer!]

It’s been a while since your last rental?    [sic; don’t they have that information on file?  So why the question mark?  Plus, you’re damn right it’s been a while–I’ve been in fucking prison!!]  Are you planning to rent this fall?  [Marijuana is harvested in the fall.  Are they even TRYING to hide their intentions?]  If so, I would enjoy the opportunity to hear from you and discuss your travel needs with you [Yeah, I bet!].

We work very hard to provide our clients with the finest customer service and pricing for their travel needs  [“travel needs” indeed.  Also, when it comes to pricing, I didn’t feel $1800 was a competitive rate for retrieving your vehicle from the impound lot and driving it 900 miles to New Jersey)].  If your budget or travel needs have changed [my travel needs sure have changed, as I’m not a recidivist douche bag–and in terms of budge, I’m broke and in debt beyond human comprehension, thanks for reminding me!], please contact me so I can give you a quote [fuck you] and see if there is anything we can do to provide you with any discounts or specials [you can go fuck yourself–that would be special].

Don’t you love when life is so hysterically absurd and forehead-smacking ridiculous?  At least it keeps things interesting.  Sometimes you just gotta laugh–it feels slightly better than crying.

Going to Jail–Please Help!!

So I’d like to share a personal update and some information about my impending stay at an Illinois State Prison.

Once my disabling severe chronic knee and back pain got worse and worse, my activism had to gradually shift so that writing and educating people, and helping to take care of rescued animals, like me and my fiance’s dog, 2 cats, and 6 rats (we had 7, but our sweet darling Trenton just passed away a few days ago   ), were my sole forms of trying to affect social change.

I was recently arrested after an illegal traffic stop and illegal search and seizure in Illinois involving medical marijuana, of which I am a patient.  I have been in dire financially straights for over 2 years now, and did something stupid and desperate, being unable to work both physically and mentally (read concentration shot), disabled according to my doctors but denied for disability twice; I was also motivated out of compassion for humans and animals; many people, myself included, receive enormous relief from medical marijuana (in my case, that means flower buds from a 100% organically grown PLANT) and people are often able to reduce or even ELIMINATE their dependence on Big Pharma(ceuticals), thereby helping animals as well.

The plea deal on the table is 7 years (reduced to 3.5 for good behavior, how kind!), but with NO CHANCE of reducing that through educational credits or anything else.  This for a first time offender with no prior record, a university graduate, and a person with disabilities.  I would be pleading to a Class X felony, which includes three other types of offenders:  1)  armed robbers.  2)  attempted murderers. 3) rapists. So apparently transporting a PLANT with medicinal properties that is not physically addictive is on par with violent offenses that most likely severly harm or destroy lives.  HOWEVER, if my family can pay an extra ~$35,000 (probably able to be negotiated down a little) on top of the $16,000 already paid (!!) to bail me out of jail, my plea deal can be reduced to a Class 3 felony, where I will be in a minimum instead of medium security facility, surrounded by other nonviolent offenders, for 4 years, reduced to 2 for good behavior and with the chance of working off further time with educational credits, so that I may be able to get out in 18 months or even less.  My mom is able and potentially willing to come up with most of the money, but it is going to be very difficult and we need all the help we can get.  My doggie soulmate Rikki whines just when I go outside my solar powered cabin to pee, we know she is going to be unimaginably devastated to be without me for so long; please help make sure we get to be reunited (along with me and my fiance) 2 years sooner or more.

As my good friend said today, I’m one of the least deserving persons in the universe for this to happen to.  I need to be out of jail as soon as possible where I can receive decent medical care for my disability and where I can most effectively fight for animals, the natural world, racial/ethnic/sexual equality, and other social justice issues.  Please help us make this happen!  Everything helps, from small donations to large donations to kind words to letters and books sent to me in jail and contributions to my commissary fund so I can purchase necessary writing/etc. supplies and adequate (or as close to adequate as possible) vegan food.

Visit my support site at [link removed b/c it now redirects to rightwing trash]

On facebook, join the group “Support Jan” where updates, like my address, will be made as soon as we know, and information about my condition and how you can help us out.

Thank you so much!  Love and rage (mostly rage at this corrupt, heartless, classist, racist, unjust “justice” system),

❤ Jan Austin Smith

In Some Ways We Do Have the Upper Edge

Now given my recent interaction with police officers (www.SupportJan.com) and more you’ll read about in forthcoming blogs, there is no love lost between myself and the filth.  Since I don’t have much time on the computer right now, I’m going to make a short post with a few hilarious videos and my descriptions/commentary thereof.  They relate to the burgeoning police state, which threatens to ensnare us all, whether guilty or innocent (as it already does.  See, for example, prisons).  And just how fucked up and iditioc (moreso, that is)  things will get as the police and their corporate thug buddies have more and more power.

In this one, Bam Margera and Ryan Dunn from Jackass are shown being pulled over by a cop for speeding, and they commence to make him look like the dumbass tool he undoubtedly is:                                                                                                         http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ij0iReXKCC0

This one’s pretty fucking hilarious.  The cop forgets to put his car in PARK when he pulls a person over.  His car starts to roll backwards.  Halarity ensues:

This one just takes the cake.  A DEA Agent (generally not known for their intelligence already) SHOOTS HIMSELF IN THE FOOT DURING A DEMONSTRATION IN FRONT OF A CLASSROOM OF KIDS!!  It is perfect reflection of the bullshit macho-posturing attitude of the dominant culture’s  “law” enforcement  personnel (aka hired bullies):                                                                                            http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AmRN00KbCr8

Drug Enforcement Agency officers are some of the most pathetic freedomn-killing scumbags in the entire government.  Drugs should be a personal choice; liberty literally means the ability to do whatever you want so long as you don’t infringe on another person’s liberty.   In other words, my freedom to swing my fist ends where your face begins.  Yet it is expressly the DEA’s GOAL to stop people from purchasing and consuming drugs–drugs that are often-arbitrarily illegal.  Tobacco and alcohol are perfectly legal, yet they are inarguably (if you have studied drug research the slightest) two of the most physically harmful and addictive drugs in common usage.  But they are taxed.  They want you to do those drugs.  But not the illegal, untaxed drugs you can often create or grow yourself:  they want you to stay away from those baaad drugs.  And so we have the Drug War.  Which has proved to be a catastrophic failure and waste of money, as well as blatantly unconstitutional and fucked up.  Yessir.