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My Review of “Love and Liberation” Published in the Peace Studies Journal


My review starts on Page 97 on the scroll-through thing on the bottom when you click on the issue.  Enjoy! ❤

Support Camille Marino

Yet another aboveground, legal activist being harassed and arrested and repressed by the government and animal-killing industries.

“Camille Marino is a passionate and uncompromising animal activist,  On Saturday, Feb. 4th, while attending a peaceful anti-vivisection [A euphemism for animal torture] demonstration and commemoration of two monkeys who were tortured to death at the University of Florida, Camille was arrested on charges related to her campaign against notorious vivisectionist, Donal O’Leary, an animal experimenter at Wayne State University in Michigan.
-From Camille’s Support website

O’Leary’s vicious, torturous experiments on dogs have been shown to be in frequent violation of the already-paltry Animal Welfare Act; the dogs suffer “unrelieved agony,” according to the Physicians Committtee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM).

Check out Camille’s and others’ great, uncompromising anti-vivisection site, Negotiation Is Over.

How many times do we have to see government and University collusion to maintain and expand the enormously profitable (it is a billions-of-dollars industry) vivisection-industrial complex?  See, for example, the case of the AETA 4 (and the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act itself!  According to the Center for Constitutional Rights, “The law was pushed through Congress by wealthy biomedical & agri-business industry groups…”)  It’s time to see that only a militant, relentless, holistic, above-AND-underground campaign to end animal experimentation will make strides in that direction.  If you don’t support direct action to end the senseless, wasteful torture of animals in laboratories, you don’t support the suffering animals.  It really is that simple.

Here are some pictures obtained from a University of Florida laboratory, taken by the vivisectors themselves and released through a records request.  Yes, they are graphic and disturbing.  That’s because vivisection is ubiquitously graphic and disturbing.  Please, please don’t turn away from this suffering.  If you get angry, DO SOMETHING!!

See the personhood and pain in her eyes.

Looks comfy!

I saved what is to me the most disturbing for last. First look at the resignation, the utter, spirt-crushed hopelessness in the animal’s eyes. Then look at the vivisector’s eyes. He looks proud and pleased with himself. She looks hungry, bloodthirsty.

More of these horrid, truthful pictures can be found at Camille’s Facebook page.

Support Camille.  And support the about-to-begin Open the Cages tour, coming to a west coast campus/city near you soon!  It is being sponsored by the amazing Michael Budkie’s amazing group, Stop Animal Exploitation Now!  (SAEN)

“Power never takes a step back–only in the face of more power.”  -Malcolm X

We must have the power and the courage to do whatever it takes–WHATEVER IT TAKES–to end vivisection once and for all.

Support the ALF

Rikki w/ Stikki supports the ALF….

…And she convinced me too, as well!

ALF?  you ask.  Isn’t that the alien puppet from that horrible ’80s show?  Well, yes, but here is an introduction to who the Animal Liberation Front is and why they do what they do.

Check out Bite Back Magazine for an extensive list of worldwide actions.

Beyond that, I highly recommend reading Terrorists or Freedom Fighters:  Reflections on the Liberation of Animals, edited by Steven Best and Anthony Nocella, II, if you haven’t already.