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The Sorry State of Modern “Literature”…

….As Encapsulated and Epitomized By the Pitifully Unoriginal Titles of Several Dozen of Dean Koontz’s Pitifully Unoriginal Novels

If you do a cursory examination of the book titles of Dean Koontz, one of the highest-paid authors in the world—he makes about 25 million dollars ($25,000,000!) a year— you will quickly notice a staggering repetitiveness.  Forget about the content of the novels; reading even one of his books is more ghastly a waste of time than any human should endure—you really can tell a book by its cover when it comes to Koontz, or more specifically by its title; and not just the lack of quality and originality of individual books, but of his entire oeuvre.  Themes rapidly emerge.  Following are a few different categories, below which are listed the Koontz book titles that fit therein.


Vision/Face:                                                                           Night/Darkness:

The Wall of Masks (1975)                                                       Dark Symphony (1969)

The Vision (1977)                                                                    Dark of the Woods (1970)

The Face of Fear (1977)                                                          A Darkness in my Soul (1972)

The Mask (1981)                                                         The Dark of Summer (Seriously?!) 1972))

The Eyes of Darkness (1981)                                                  Nightmare Journey (1975)

Twilight Eyes (1985)                                                               The Key to Midnight (1979)

Watchers (1987)                                                                     Voice of the Night (1980)

From the Corner of His Eye (2000)                                         The Eyes of Darkness (1981)

The Face (2003)                                                                      Darkfall (1984)

____________                                                                              The Servants of Twilight (1984)

Coldness:                                                                                Twilight Eyes (1985)

Prison of Ice (1976)                                                                 Shadowfires (1987)

Night Chills (1976)                                                                  Midnight (1989)

The Door to December (1985)                                               Dark Rivers of the Heart (1994)

Cold Fire (1991)                                                                      Seize the Night (1999)

Winter Moon (1994)                                                               By the Light of the Moon (2002)

Icebound (1995)                                                                      Frankenstein:  City of Night (2005)

_____________                                                                             77 Shadow Street (2012)


Vision/Face AND Night/Darkness:

The Eyes of Darkness (1981)

Twilight Eyes (1985)



Coldness AND Night/Darkness:

Night Chills (1975)

Winter Moon (1994)