Spraying the "Orange Rain"

Spraying the “Orange Rain”

I am so incredibly elated to announce that I have e-published my novel Orange Rain!! Teaser “back cover” info below. It is available for Amazon Kindle, but even if you don’t have one, you can download the free Kindle app for your iPhone or Android and purchase it that way.

This is a highly political novel. Whatever little money I make is by far secondary to my desire to get the book out there, to have it be read, to have the ideas spread. Here’s a description of it:

Max Wright is homicidally enraged with the people who wrecked his life—people he has never met or even seen. The Vietnam War left him poisoned and cancer-ridden from the spraying of Agent Orange, legless, and addicted to heroin, forced to sell drugs to support his habit and suppress his pain. Now he’s kicked heroin, and burns for revenge on the loathsome corporation that manufactured Agent Orange.

With his Vietnamese ex-prostitute girlfriend, Mai Linh, Max hitchhikes across mid-1980s America. Destination: Florida, where a university medical clinic is performing cutting-edge prosthetic leg implants. Only when he is able-bodied, Max reasons, can he attempt an attack on the corporation that ravaged his body, and decimated Mai Linh’s family and life. Hot on Max and Mai’s trail is Victor Lim, the “Oriental Massage Parlor” owner whose money they stole and penis they snapped in half following a rape attempt.

From the illicit pharmaceutical underworld of San Francisco’s Tenderloin district to the cocaine-dusted film set of amputee porn in booming Las Vegas, from the urban-industrial hideout of militant black revolutionaries to a botched backyard lynching by Texas frat boys, Orange Rain hurtles from one stunning scene to the next. It sways between hilarity and horror, and explores the dark places in America where the two intersect. It is an ode to humans’ ability to endure in the face of horrific cruelty and suffering. A celebration of feminine strength and spirit.

Orange Rain is rife with humor darker than the Marlboro Man’s coffee (and his lung cancer). It is like no other book you’ve ever read.

This novel is truly a wild ride–strap yourself in 😉 Please check it out! Please purchase if it sounds interesting! Please share with friends/family/local clergy!

7 thoughts on “MY NOVEL PUBLISHED!

  1. Amy LaBonte

    Hey, I’m into the section where he buys Round-Up. You’re really making me laugh. Like here, for example: “Now there’s a customer, yapping about the weather (it’s San Francisco: cool and windy, like every other day, get over it, dipshit).” The story is a crazy real concoction, and the first novel I’ve wanted to read in a long time — like ‘years’ time. Enjoying the whole thing tremendously. Thank you.

    1. TheRewildWest Post author

      WOW, thank YOU!! And trust me, it just keeps getting crazier and crazier from where you are on =) When you finish it, if you would like, it would help me SO MUCH if you’d post a review on Amazon, even if it’s only a quick paragraph about what you liked!

      Easiest way to get to its page is search my last name on Amazon–“Smitowicz”–Orange Rain is the ONLY thing that comes up! Haha. Thanks again!

      Love and Liberation


      1. Amy LaBonte

        You read my mind. I just finished posting a review.Your book needs to be made into a movie.

        I’m with you all the way (vhemt *happy dance* Who else would ever know about that!!!???).

  2. Amy LaBonte

    It sounds right up my alley, am sure it will exceed expectations. Downloaded and ready to go. Oh, and congratulations!


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