My holiday meme I made many years ago, updated to look not-QUITE-as-shitty =)

Auschwitz (2)


2 thoughts on “Modern Holocaust

  1. Josh Westbrook

    If you showed this to me in person I’d punch you square in the face. Your Jewish lineage is no defense. Shame on you.

    1. TheRewildWest Post author

      I can’t even count how many Jewish people are heavily involved in the animal rights movement, including my ex-fiance and my current girlfriend and several of my best friends. Alex Hershaft is president of the Farm Animal Reform Movement (FARM) and he’s a Holocaust survivor. Or maybe consider these words from Isaac Bashevis Singer, Nobel Prize winning writer and another survivor: “To them, all men are Nazis. For the animals, it is an eternal Treblinka.”

      I like the way you respond to freedom of speech and ideas!


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