Pictorial Highlight: JOSHUA TREE

Joshua Tree National Park is a fascinating place on so many levels.  It sits right atop two different deserts–the northern half is a part of the Mojave, and the southern half is part of the Colorado desert.  This means the two halves are quite different, so it makes for a very interesting experience!  I’ve only been there one time in my post-adolescent life; it was about two weeks before I went to prison, in April of 2010, so it was the last nature experience I got to have before 2 years of basically NOTHING natural.  I went with Bob Linden of Go Vegan Radio  and the scenery and topography is like some bizarre alien planet, like nothing I’ve ever seen before; we made a game out of it, inventing words for the rock formations and trees and plants in some strange alien language.  Afterwards we went to a Pink Floyd tribute band show (Which One’s Pink) at a casino near Palm Springs; some idiot in an SUV backed up to try and snatch a parking space and slammed into the front of my car, so we ended up missing most of the show and getting stranded there overnight.  No way we were gonna be able to pay $140 for a hotel room!  So we had to spend the night in the casino.  I ended up finding an isolated balcony wing where they stored things and sleeping for a few hours on the thinly-carpeted floor under a table so security wouldn’t find me and make me move.  Crazy day!  Anyway, without further blabbing, enjoy the pictures!!

The wondrous ocotillo, one of my most beloved plants!

Bob, pointing out the San Andreas Fault to some people (and undoubtedly telling them about veganism–I hate PETA, but his anti-vivisection sweater is OLD SCHOOL, when they were actually hardcore and probably did more good than harm)

Ocotillo in full glorious bloom ❤

Gorgeous cholla cacti!


Hope you enjoyed!!


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