Update: Camille Marino vs. Vivisection-Industrial Complex

“Courageous animal rights activist, Camille Marino, will be facing trial in Detroit, Michigan on November 14th. Camille has been targeted by the Vivisection Complex as the number one threat to their continued ability to torture non-human animals in anonymity for profit. They are attempting to make an example of her in their ongoing battle to erode our First Amendment rights and intimidate the Animal Rights movement into impotence. Her current prosecutor is under enormous pressure from vivisectors around the country to neutralize Camille and it appears that the state will be seeking an upward deviation in her sentencing guidelines should she be convicted. The FBI confiscated her cell phone in May and is most likely actively cooperating in this case.”

Some of our closest animal relatives in tiny cages, their minds consumed by the inevitability of further terror and torture.

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To learn a little background on the case of Camille Marino and the repression of legitimate protest against animal research, check out my earlier post Support Camille, which delves not just into her case but others’ as well who have been targeted by the industry and Universities and governments for their effective activism against this greedy, barbaric, needless waste of tax dollars.


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