Travel Theme: TEXTURE

Here’s my take on this week’s travel theme from Where’s My Backpack.  I was going to search through my pictures for Death Valley stuff, redwood bark textures, etc., but as I looked through my Anza-Borrego Desert pics, I found so many textures I loved, I said screw it (well I didn’t actually say it out loud, I thought it), let’s go all Anza!!  So without further flappy-flap jaw-blah-blah…..

Tiny swath of the Borrego Badlands at sunrise.

Some kind of desert ant–bigger than even a large almond! Love the textures on his back/shell/wings/whatever that is!!

This rock formation is 60-70 feet high.

Dinosaur! Oh no wait, that’s a lizard; Anza-Borrego Desert State Park has something like A HUNDRED different species of lizards!!

In the desert, sand turns to mud turns to….this.

Saved my favorite for last…

The marvelous, ever-intriguing, multi-faceted ocotillo plant; these are a portion of its roots, so much of which squat ABOVE the sand!

18 thoughts on “Travel Theme: TEXTURE

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    1. TheRewildWest Post author

      Thank you!! That area is REDONK with crazy rock formations–around every curve in the wash (which serves as a dirt “road”) it seems like there’s a new, COMPLETELY different type of crazy “design”.


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