Travel Theme: Sunset

Thought I’d try my hand at finding some of my nice sunset pictures for Where’s My Backpack’s weekly photo challenge.  Some of these are just as much about location and the attendent emotions as they are about the actual sunsets–which I feel is always the case when watching them!

Point Reyes Peninsula, Northern California.


This was on my first time ever going to Death Valley, a truly magical place full of myriad wonders; I was leaving to go sleep in the back of my truck on the side of the road outside the National Park, and I just had to pull over and sit in the bed and look back over the mountains topped with these color-shifting clouds.


This is on the tail(ish)-end of my 9,086-mile, cross-country solo roadtrip of 2006. I’m dropping down toward Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming after driving about 1,600 miles in TWO days (exhausted!) And yet this sunset just galvanized my spirit!


Just outside Anza-Borrego Desert State Park in southeastern California.


This was taken just a couple weeks ago, at Mono Lake on the eastern edge of California; tufa tower and the “Mono Glow.” =)





2 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Sunset

    1. TheRewildWest Post author

      Oh yes! I tend to stick to California these days, but I have definitely been many many places in the U.S.!! Thank you for the kind words. I’m looking forward to throwing my sihlouette pictures in the pot =)


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