Derrick Jensen’s Thoughts?


Saw Derrick in Berkeley the other night and came home to see a picture I took with this expression, and just had to meme-ify it  🙂

Highlight of the night (aside from his hopping up from the book-signing table to give me a big hug and say how happy he is that I’m free!) was when he said (paraphrased):

A lot of people tell me they can’t imagine living without the internet, or cars, or take your pick of industrial technologies.  But when was the last time you heard someone say, “I can’t imagine living without polar bears.  Or salmon.  Or migratory songbirds.  Or a livable planet.  When was the last time YOU said something like that?

So very powerful, so very true.


8 thoughts on “Derrick Jensen’s Thoughts?

    1. Susan

      Not your sister in law, you might know me as DesertDreamer elsewhere online. You are welcome for the comment, it made me happy to write it. 🙂

  1. Susan

    You are right. I can imagine life without the internet, without a cell phone, without a computer, without electricity, without cars, without air conditioning, and I wouldn’t miss any of it (there are better ways to live). I’m prepared to throw it all away as soon as it is possible to live without it, I’m looking forward to that day, even if there is difficulty along the way. I don’t want to live in a world without ancient trees, without salmon, without desert pupfish, without frogs, without rivers, without bees, without Monarch butterflies…sometimes it is difficult for me to imagine that all these wonderful living beings are dying one at a time, it is unimaginable, and so I need to keep reminding myself that civilization is killing all the things I love. I get emotional typing this, I need to say it more often. Thank you for writing this entry on your blog.

  2. Sundazed

    Hah! What a lovley picture!
    Nice humour in my opinion 🙂

    And yeah, when was the last time anyone said that.. besides those few deep green people out there in the world.
    But in the general opinion people are just insane an have their focus dead wrong.

    1. TheRewildWest Post author

      Thanks! You’re absolutely right–the dominant culture has made the vast majority of people myopic at the very least, and straight-up insane in many cases (especially human and nonhuman prisoners, I can speak to that firsthand!).

      We need to start saying these things–every goddamn day. I’ll start now.

      I can imagine living without the internet. I would love to live without car culture.

      i CANNOT imagine living on this Earth without polar bears, without old-growth redwoods and sitka spruce and douglas-firs and western hemlocks and red cedars and ancient bristlecone pines and sequoias, without migratory songbirds, without frogs and snakes and turkey vultures, without a vibrant, bristling-with-life Mono Lake…..

      1. Sundazed

        I shal correct myself though – there are more deep green people out there than just a few – and not forgetting non-civilized humans that simply lives on the way they know works.

        I can imagine living in a world too without Internet, car culture, shopping culture and so on.
        Tear up the asphalt, bring down the skyscrapers 🙂

        I CANNOT imagine living without mooses, blueberry bushes, rivers which I still can take a zip or two from of cold fresh water, seagulls, crows, wolves, frogs, bees, oaks, various forms av mushrooms and all of what you already mentioned yourself.

        thank you

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