Support Persecuted Activist

I’ll add more to this later, but please check out the case of Chris Lagergren; this is from his Facebook Support page under About:

Chris was arrested in Key Largo, FL on September 10, 2011, by off-duty Miami Police Sergeant Javier Ortiz for alleged trespassing and criminal mischief at the Marine Mammal Conservancy, in Key Largo. Chris had been a volunteer at the MMC, and was providing the FL State authorities with documented evidence of numerous Code violations at the facility. He is now charged with an AETA-like Felony under the Florida Animal Enterprise Protection Act; 1 count of Animal Enterprise Disruption; 2 counts of trespassing, and 1 count of criminal mischief/vandalism. Chris was released on $32,000 bond and is now facing a trial and a potential 8 year prison sentence. We are all watching!! 

We must show our support for those who are prosecuted by the government for acts of compassion, especially when they are this blatantly nonviolent and constitutionally protected.
More to come on this…

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