Gay Pride Parade and Pit Bulls

Today I marched in the Guerneville Gay Pride Parade with SCRRAP–Sonoma County Residents Responsible About Pit Bulls.  It happened to be the first Pride Parade I’d ever walked in.

I fall under the category of, “Straight, Not Douchebag.”  It’s good to show solidarity with our oppressed brothers and sisters whenever we get the chance.  It’s why some friends and I took down a bunch of “YES ON 8” (referring to California’s ballot measure to declare the already-legal gay marriage illegal) plastic signs a couple years ago and wrapped our friends’ wedding gift in them  🙂  Everything is connected, all progressive issues are related to Earth and Animal Liberation.  Building alliances with other open-minded, thinking individuals is quintessential for the eco/animal movements.

Guerneville is an awesome little town in western Sonoma County among the redwoods and the Russian River.  It’s gorgeous, and they have a strong gay community, so their annual Pride Parade is popular.  SCRRAP is a social group for Sonoma County residents who are the guardians of pit bull-type animals, although all dogs are welcome, who want to hang out with other bully-breed lovers and show the community that pit bulls are wonderful, affectionate, safe pets.

The response was wonderful; there were hundreds of people lined up along the main drag through town, and we got so much applause and waves and smiles and love; people even ran in from the crowd to hug and kiss our dogs!  We had about 9 pups with us, and 12 humans.

One of my favorite signs.

SFPD had a gay contingent there, which is progressive and cool and stuff, but it also goes to show that even the oppressed will hold oppressive posts.


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