World Week for Animals in Laboratories

…is this week.  Get out there and stand up for the voiceless animals being tortured in fraudulant “research” studies.  I went out to UCLA today with my camera and spent some time on my friend’s megaphone, informing people of the inherent cruelty and scientific inefficacy of vivisection.  Several courageous women (fully clothed, unlike in an idiotic and misogynist PETA stunt) dressed up as lab animals and crouched in cages along a main walkway at the University of Cruelty to Laboratory Animals (Bob Linden of Go Vegan Radio’s new name for UCLA–see his site at  A mock liberation was then staged.  Would that true heros like the Animal Liberation Front would do the same for the real animals inside the hidden torture chambers.  People who free innocent sentient creatures from horrendous pain and death and smash the instruments of torture and killing are not terrorists.  The vivisectors, who get lavish salaries and invariably live in luxurious houses in upscale neighborhoods, the people who hurt and kill animals for a living–they’re the REAL terrorists.  It’s plain common sense.  Just think about it.

 As soon as I’m back where my camera wire is so I can upload pics, I’ll post a more complete writeup with pictures.


2 thoughts on “World Week for Animals in Laboratories

  1. therewildwest Post author

    Being the pun master I am, let me give it a shot (everyone and anyone, feel free to steal and use these whenever and however possible!):

    UCSD:University of Cruel, Specious Dogma
    University of Ceaseless, Spurious Dipshitedness

    UCSB:Unethical College of Senseless Brutality
    (Mixes up the format, this may be my favorite!)
    Unproductive, Cash-Squandering Bastards

    UCSC:Unbridaled Cruelty to Sentient Creatures
    (that’s a good one, too!)

    UCSF:University of Cruelty and Scientific Fraud
    (Bob made up this one, too)
    Uncaring, Compassionless, Sick Fucktards
    University of Cruel, Sadistic Fools

    UCI:Useless, Cruel Inefficacy (mine);
    Unimaginable Cruelty–Institutionalized (mine);
    or for an environmental bent:
    Under Construction Indefinitely (not mine)

    UCB:Unhelpful, Criminal Bastards

    UCM:Useless Cash-Mongerers
    University of Cruel Motherfuckers

    UCD:Unaccountable, Conscienceless (psuedo-) Doctors
    (simple and to the point):
    Useless, Cruel Dickheads

    Muahahahaha 😀


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