Intro (part 2 of 3)

 This is a time of unprecedented crisis. Extreme times call for extreme responses. The etymology of the word “radical” involves the Latin for “root.” Radical action is that which merely gets at the root of the problem. And why attack a problem in any other fashion? If you have a gangrenous limb a wonderful metaphor for syphilization it would not be an appropriate response to exercise, eat a different diet, or slam your spreading-green leg against a table. The only sensible thing to do would be to have the limb amputated. Similarly, we must amputate the gangrenous limb that is civilization, the limb that is attempting to spread its deathly decay to the entire living body, to the entire living Earth.

We do not have time to convince a mass movement of people, the vast majority of whom are zombified by the dominant culture’s propaganda machine, led by television, newspapers, and pop culture in general. We cannot let our strategies be dictated by the masses. Nor can we let our tactics be dictated by those in power, who have an enormous vested interest in the status quo, in business as usual. The faceless multinational corporations who control this world and are largely responsible for its utter decimation would ultimately love for us to drive Priuses, use solar power, hold protest signs outside their offices, write angry letters to our Congress persons, eat organic, and believe that this is going to “save the world.” It isn’t. Fuck that bullshit. I’m fucking sick of it, and I’m sick of people buying (literally) into this utter nonsense. Our world, our lives, our bodies, the bodies of those we love, are being destroyed. We need to get fucking pissed off.  Pissed off, and seriously serious.  We need to start thinking strategically, about what is actually going to work rather than what is socially acceptable. We need to leverage our power, since compared to theirs, our power is miniscule. But the wonderful thing about industrial civilization (who knew a sentence could start with the word “wonderful” modifying industrial civ!) is that, though monolithic, it is hardly without vulnerabilities. In fact, it may be at one of its most vulnerable periods in its entire 10,000 year history. We should consider ourselves enormously lucky to be alive at such at time. And though this may cause us unbelievable suffering and sorrow, we need to keep things in perspective. Anybody reading this is astoundingly privileged, and any suffering we feel as a result of the dominant culture is absolutely nothing compared to the suffering of its real victims: factory farmed animals, indigenous humans, children with asthma and/or cancer and/or one of a thousand diseases of syphilization, fish in the dying oceans, redwood trees, polar bears, a chimpanzee being forcibly addicted to crystal methamphetamine in a university “research” (read: torture) laboratory. It is for them that we must fight to dismantle civilization, as well as for ourselves, using absolutely any means necessary. After all, we’re talking about the future of ALL LIFE ON EARTH including human the very ability of the planet to sustain life.

This blog is one part of an attempt to counter, in some infinitesimal way, the propaganda machine of the dominant culture. It is a place to hopefully change minds and hearts, to push people who are close in the right direction. It is a place to put forth ideas, philosophies, strategies. It is all hypothetical and for educational purposes, of course: illegal action is neither encouraged nor accepted. It is much more appropriate and morally acceptable to sit back and let the planet and her inhabitants, including our loved ones, be murdered.

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