Introduction (part 1 of 3)

Welcome to my blog! It is one part of my three-pronged DIY-media attack against the dominant culture, against industrial civilization (or syphilization, as the late great eco-writer Edward Abbey called it). This culture is killing the planet; vast dead zones spread throughout the oceans of the world, caused primarily by agricultural fertilizers necessary to feed (the wealthy members of) our wildly overblown population. 96 percent of the original native forests of the United States have been decimated, killed. About an acre of forest in the Amazon, one of the most fecund regions in the entire world, disappears every second. Measurable levels of dioxin, flame retardant, and other toxic human-made chemicals are present in our blood, our semen, our mother’s breast milk, as well as in every stream and river (to varying degrees) in the country. Topsoil is being rapidly depleted; before long even greater amounts of the planet’s surface will be fallow, unable to produce food. We are in the midst of what a scientific consensus has come to determine is a mass extinction of plants and animals, the sixth in the planet’s history– the first one caused by something other than natural disasters. Some 120 species (that’s right, one hundred and twenty) go extinct on average every day. Please pause and think about that for a moment. If you have anything even mildly resembling compassion or a conscience, that number will both horrify and enrage you, as well as hopefully incite you into action. The substance on which our survival depends, given our rampant proclivity to pump out babies and exceed the planet’s carrying capacity given our outrageous level of consumption– oil– is being rapidly depleted. Oil has, in fact, already reached or surpassed its peak. Soon it will be too expensive to extract. Add global climate chaos to these grim factors– with melting ice caps and rising sea levels– and a mass die-off of humans and nonhumans is inevitable. It’s already happening, right now. Every single day that industrial civilization stands is another 120 species extinct. Every single day is another 892,000,000 gallons of oil burned, just in the United States alone. Every single day is that much more poison in our drinking water, our air, the soil in which our food grows. Our bodies.


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